January '24

(pic: graphic tee i made as a concept for a crypto company)

January recap

If you’re new here, I’ve been building Flowstage, a 2-man design studio helping early stage tech startups.

Flowstage Services

This month we closed one more project and finished up a lot of our earlier clients

2 monthly clients and 2 one-off projects

Currently in the process of closing down Flowstage and transitioning to something new after the end of January


Twitter: Only tweeted once this month

Instagram: Haven’t been posting


Getting back into gym habits, going 1-2x a week


One of my closest friends Roy came to LA this month on a one-way ticket, has been crashing at our place and i've been showing him around California

Went to lots of places, has been really nice to drive around and refresh

February Goals

Daily Twitter post

Daily graphic design

Post on my Instagram story 5x/week

Prepare shift to new business as we close down Flowstage