November '23

(Image: premade logo we sold this month)

November recap

If you’re new here, I’m building Flowstage, a 2-man design studio helping early stage tech startups.

Flowstage Services

This month we hit 4 monthly clients (our goal for a while) and also 2 one-time projects

I can’t disclose most of their names, but the work has been exciting and all of the clients have been a pleasure to work with

Super excited to share the work on Twitter once its finished.

Flowstage Products

Renamed our Brand Market to Instant Brands

Sold our first purchasable brand identity this month. Very very exciting to see people interested in this


Twitter: 561K impressions, ~500 new followers for this month. Content has still been paying off tremendously for us. Unfortunately started failing at daily content during Thanksgiving break, as I went home and we got a bit busier with client work

Instagram: Haven’t been posting


Trying to chill now and rest my knees, playing less volleyball (1-2x/wk)

Hitting the gym again 2-3x a week

December Goals

Stay at 4+ monthly clients

Sell 3 Instant Brands

Daily Twitter content

Daily merch / poster / graphic design

Post on Instagram more

Meet and talk with more creatives