October '23

(Image: a good reminder)

October recap

If you’re new here, I’m building Flowstage, a 2-man design studio helping early stage tech startups.


Client 1: Diva Staking (ETH liquid staking with distributed validators) - Monthly client

Designed and developed a new homepage website

Sticker design for halloween bottles at their event

Design for their Staking Gathering booth

Handful of POAPs

Client 2: (Undisclosed) - Monthly client

Got hit up by an old friend and started some monthly work for them. Fnished a moodboard. Started logo designs.

Client 3: (Undisclosed) - One-off project

Was asked for some logo work after DMing a dope design studio founder. Made a really fire mark that we loved

Client 4: (Undisclosed) - Monthly client

Booked a call with us after one of our posts. Started on their branding.


Twitter: Only missed two days of daily content. 649K impressions, 708 new followers for this month. Had some really good posts related to our client work that got us a few booked calls. The content has been paying off tremendously, and it's pretty easy/fun

Instagram: Haven’t been posting for shit lol. Need to pick it up 


Launched our Brand Market for Flowstage, and got really solid reception on Twitter, with our first booked call for a premade logo being booked a few days after the month ended


Trying to chill now and rest my knees, playing less volleyball (2x/wk) but going to start hitting the gym again

Still surfing roughly once a week

November Goals

Get to 4 monthly clients (currently at 3)

Sell 3 premade brands from our market 

Daily content

Make poster designs, merch designs, and videos when I have spare time

Post on Instagram more

Meet and talk with more creatives