September '23

(Image: Sam Altman in front of my LatchBio logo from 2021)

Been wanting to force myself to write more, and share some of it publicly. Saw @fabianarbor do this recently so I’m going to start doing a monthly update on a few aspects of my life. So here’s my update for September 2023

If you’re new here, I’m building Flowstage, a 2-man design studio helping early stage tech startups.


Client 1: Diva Staking (ETH liquid staking with distributed validators)

We’ve been working with Diva since July, they’re an awesome client of ours.

In September we made them:

  • A new website for a new initiative

  • A 60s video to explain this initiative

  • Design for their booth in Istanbul

  • Handful of POAPs

  • Handful of social media posts

Client 2: [redacted] (web3 fashion brand)

We did two weeks of logo design explorations and then put the subscription on pause while they find another fashion hire to help their team


Twitter: Started posting consistently again halfway into the month, gained 421 followers and 2.5M impressions from a few posts that blew up. Don’t really have a follower/engagement goal here, just trying to get more exposure for potential clients to see us.

Instagram: Haven’t been posting much. Just posting on here so people I know can see what I’m working on


Working on a “Brand Market” for Flowstage, a catalog of premade logos to make the branding process easier, faster, and cheaper for early stage companies

Also occasionally making posters for fun


Currently doing volleyball specific training, and playing a few times a week

  • Shuttle sprints, Heavy leg work, Stretches, Explosiveness, Stamina, Knees, Shoulder, etc.

Also surfing roughly once a week

October Goals

  • Get to 4 clients at 5k or 8k/mo

  • Launch Flowstage Brand Market (our productized service for branding)

  • Lots of social media content

  • Lots of poster design

  • Meet and talk with more creatives