Tiny Career Summary

(image: logo sketch work for one of our 2022/2023 clients)

Tiny Career Summary:

  • 2016-2020: Freelance graphic/mascot logo design for small eSports teams. Mowing lawns, moving furniture + other small high school hustles with one of my homies

  • 2020-2021: Integrated Business and Engineering program at Lehigh University. Left after 1 year.

  • 2021: Freelance logo design for tech startups

  • 2021 Q4: Launched SaucedXYZ, a small web3 design agency with Roy Jad

  • 2022 Q1: Launched WizardsDAO, an NFT project and community, with Roy Jad and 0xWiz. Paused on SaucedXYZ.

  • 2022 Q3: Paused on WizardsDAO. Went back to working on SaucedXYZ with Nikita Koshi (because Roy went back to school)

  • 2023: Rebranded SaucedXYZ to Flowstage Studio

  • 2024: —— ???